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My 96 isuzu rodeo sat for seven years. (Car accident ) now restoring. Before trying to start I droped fuel tank and flushed out. Replaced fuel pump and fuel filter and all sparks. Reinstall fuel tank bone dry and clean. Added 10 gallons of gasoline but fuel gage shows empty and light is on. Engine only turnover with starter fluid in air intake but shut right off. I don't have fuel gage but when I removed the fuel line after fuel filter. Let just say I got a free facial. (Good pressure) but I still want to get a reading because that could of been build up pressure. Any way how to go about this w/ out a gage? Where is the. Best place to test with a gage. At the engine I notice a tee fitting looks like a. Air valve but fuel comes out of it.? If pressure check out ok what would be my next stepsstep

Friday, March 1st, 2013 AT 11:04 PM

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Its a 1996 isuzu v6 3.2l front wheel drive only turns on when spraying starter fluid in air intake. I replaced fuel pump& filter. I don't have a fuel gage to test perssure. I reinstalled fuel tank clean and bone dry. Tank now has 10gal. Of gasoline exactly, is that enough? I don't want to fill more than I have too in-case I have drop tank. Light is on and gas gage reads empty. Can I do an ohm reading on fuel pump wires where I can find easy access? If so how? I have a multi volate metter w/ all the functions. What senors and relays should I test before calling the fuel pump defective? I removed the fuel line after fuel filter. I didn't think it would have pressure but it did (very strong) but it my have just been build up pressure from trying to start engine. I reinstalled fuel line and started engine w/ starter fluid thinking engine just needed help to get going. It shuts off as soon as stater fluid burns off. I removed fuel line before filter and tested fuel pressure by placing fuel line in a gas container I whatched the flow and pressure as engine was turning over, it looked ok but not sure. How do I know if I'm having a fuel injector problem? My obd2 won't scan no voltage to pin connector fues and relay ok. So I need help troble shooting. Thanks

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Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 AT 12:11 AM

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