1996 Honda Accord



June, 19, 2013 AT 6:43 PM

I want to change to fuel filter and clean the fuel system how can I do that at home. I want to use techron do I have to change the fuel filter first after putting techron in gas tank or techron and changing fuel filter. How can I clean fuel lines, fuel tank, rail and fuel injector



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June, 19, 2013 AT 7:40 PM

Change the filter first and then add the Techron.

To change the filter (mounted on the passenger side firewall), put a drain pan inderthe vehicle to catch any fuel which may leak out during the installation process.
1. Before you begin remove fuse #13 from the fuse box [its a 7.5A fuse], it protects the fuel pump circuit.
2. Start the engine and let it run until it cuts off (about 15 seconds in most cases). This depressurizes the fuel system, eliminating the possibility of fuel spraying out once the lines are disconnected.
3. Disconnect the bottom fuel line from the filter.
4. Disconnect the top line from the filter, be sure to get both washers from the bolt which holds the line on. (The outlet line of on a Honda firewall-mounted fuel filter uses a banjo bolt type fitting. Always use new sealing washers when reinstalling the banjo bolt)
5. Reverse the procedure to install the new filter
6. Do not forget to put the #13 fuse back in place.
7. Since all fuel and pressure has been depleted from the line, it make take a few cyclings of the ignition key on for about 4 seconds and then off again in order to build its pressure back to normal and then start the engine.

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