Bought this car a little over 2 weeks ago

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Bought this car a little over 2 weeks ago. At first car was running fine. It shifted a little hard and the gas was a little hard to press but nothing to bad. 3 days after I purchased it it failed to start in a parking lot engine would turn over just wouldn't go. Got it to start 20 minutes later ran fine for 15 minutes shut off again. At the time it shut off it didn't make any weird noises or anything. Took it to a mechanic they said the cooling system fan was broken and that the car shuts off when normal operating temp was reached. Can not get that fixed for another 2 days. Went to start it again today and it wouldn't turn on at all. Wouldn't even turn over. It doesn't make any weird noises, no clicking or grinding. It just doesn't turn over. And fails to start. All lights and radio work. What could this be now and how much will it cost me?
Monday, March 18th, 2013 AT 9:35 PM

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You may have a problem residing with the ignition switch, can be the starter or battery connection that goes to the starter, But in your case if it not making the weird noise which is the ignition bell noise the open door chime, lights and radio works the ignition switch is highly suspected, What gets me is it shifts a little hard and the gas pedal a little hard to press, Check the charging system make sure the negative battery terminal has the hook up you should see a black wire with a yellow stripe going to valve cover to body frame make sure its there. As for how much it will cost need to find the problem first
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Monday, March 18th, 2013 AT 9:57 PM

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