1996 Ford Taurus



July, 23, 2013 AT 10:07 AM

Ok so I was driving my car. And all of a sudden it stopped giving it self gas. So I pulled over. I checked the fuel pump and it is working I then checked the pressure vaul in the engine for gas and it has pressure. I them\n tried dissconecting the battery for a bit. I also put some stuff in my fuel tank to make sure I don't have water in it cause that happen to my other car before. I have tried all those and it wont start. I parked it shut it off tried to start it and it would go to 1 rpm and die and now it wont even start. Can someone help me I am a single mom of 4 month old twins and I need my car to start working and I live in the country so I need a car. Please help.


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July, 23, 2013 AT 5:55 PM

You will have to test for correct fuel pressure, spark and injection pulse and ensure that there are no fault codes logged in the ECU, not all fault codes will set a check engine light, start here.

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