Have a Caravan turns over but will not fire

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Have a caravan turns over but will not fire. Fuel pressure 40lb have replace coil pack crank sensorcam sensor no codes but have no voltage at coil pack or injectors have check with switch on and cranking. Check injectors with noide light while cranking too.
Friday, March 15th, 2013 AT 8:26 PM

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I'm guessing you have the 3.3L engine if you have a coil pack. You were correct to test for voltage to the coils and injectors while cranking the engine. Double-check that you have 12 volts on that circuit for one second after turning on the ignition switch. A test light works better for that than a digital voltmeter because most meters don't respond fast enough to catch that. If you don't have 12 volts for that one second, look for a blown fuse feeding the automatic shutdown (ASD) relay.

If that voltage appears for one second but not during cranking, the Engine Computer is not seeing a signal from the camshaft position sensor or the crankshaft position sensor. You'll need a scanner that displays live data to see which one is listed as "no" instead of "present". If both are missing, check the common 5.0 volt supply that feeds both of them. If it is missing, one of the sensors is shorted or the wire is grounded. Unplug the sensors, then turn the ignition switch off and back to to reset that power supply. When there's a short on that line the computer shuts that supply down to protect it.
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Friday, March 15th, 2013 AT 9:00 PM

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