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Changing oil pan on 1995 pontiac grand am. I screwed all the bolts off around top of oil pan, removes engine bracket, removed compressor, starter, and working on harmonic balancer are there any more steps involved because its a pain.

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Here is all the step's.

1. Negative battery cable.
2. Serpentine belt. See: Drive Belt Service and Repair
3. Loosen, but do not remove upper A/C compressor bolts (if equipped).
4. Raise vehicle and support.
5. Drain crankcase.
6. Right front tire and wheel assembly.
7. Right splash shields.
8. Engine mount strut from suspension support. See: Engine Mount Service and Repair

o Right front ABS wheel speed sensor harness from the right suspension support.

9. Right front ball joint. See: Steering and Suspension Suspension Ball Joint Service and Repair
10. Right side stabilizer link.
11. Right side suspension support.
12. Remove lower A/C compressor bolts, position compressor aside and support. See: Heating and Air Conditioning Compressor HVAC Service and Repair
13. Engine mount strut bracket.
14. Engine to transaxle brace.
15. Oil filter.
16. Starter.
17. Flywheel inspection cover.
18. Oil pan.


* Oil pan flanges.
* Oil pan rail.
* Front cover.
* Rear main bearing cap.
* Threaded holes.


1. New gasket.


* If the rear main bearing cap is being installed, then GM sealant P/N 1052080 or equivalent, must be placed on the oil pan gasket tabs that insert into the gasket groove of the outer surface on the rear main bearing cap.

2. Oil pan.
3. Oil pan retaining bolts.


* Retaining bolts to 25 Nm (18 lbs. Ft.).

4. Oil pan side bolts.


* Side bolts to 50 Nm (37 lbs. Ft.).

5. Transaxle converter cover.
6. Starter.
7. Oil filter.
8. Engine to transaxle brace.
9. Engine mount strut bracket.
10. Loose assemble A/C compressor spacer and upper bolts and secure in place.
11. Install A/C compressor to engine.
12. Right side suspension support.
13. Right side stabilizer bar.
14. Right side ball joint.
15. Connect right front ABS wheel speed sensor harness.
16. Engine mount strut to the suspension support.
17. Right splash shield.
18. Right front tire and wheel assembly.
19. Lower vehicle.
20. Serpentine drive belt.
21. Fill crankcase.
22. Negative battery cable.

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