I bought this car about 4 days ago

  • 1994 NISSAN 300ZX
  • 180 MILES
I bought this car about 4 days ago. It is N/A no known problems. Well maintenanced and documented paperwork for every service. I have already put about 200 or so miles on it with absolutely zero problems. Starts right up every time. About an hour ago I attempted to start the car to leave for work, It started up as normal then died. I attempted to start it again, it cranks up but doesnt turn over. I checked the obvious, Battery is hooked up properly, has a charge. I dont know much about nissan but the spark plugs seemed to be plugged in correctly. Gas cap has pressure. Oil level is normal. Coolant level is normal. No bad smells or smoke, no white or blue smoke from exhaust when it did run. Doesnt grind gears unless you jam it in 4th trying to over accelerate. Any thoughts?
Thursday, March 7th, 2013 AT 4:54 AM

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Start with the basics. find out what is missing causing the non starting.


Check out above link for more information on how to go about and let us know what you find.
Was this
Thursday, March 7th, 2013 AT 12:54 PM

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