After installin new clutch pressure plate and.

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After installin new clutch pressure plate and release bearing per instructions in Haynes Manual, I put everything back together only to notice the clutch to the floor. The obvious first solution was to bleed the system. While doing so I realized there was no resistance. After futher searching I noticed that the release bearing is not putting clutch fork in to place so the hydrolic system can do its job. Hydrolics work great. The release bearing had to be seated into the flywheel and seemed to have done so. The new cclutch and pressure plate had already in place the wire retainer and was supposed to snap in place. Just doesnt go far enough. What do I need to do to correct this problem, or did I miss a step? I saw on internet where there was missed step in Haynes manual, but the new clutch from NAPA already had it in place. I am little stumped, please advise
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Monday, March 4th, 2013 AT 2:38 PM

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Removal (2WD)

1. Remove hood. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove fan. Place shift lever in Neutral position. Remove shift lever
insulation. Remove shift lever grommet and dust cover. Remove shift lever cover bolts and shift lever. Cover hole to prev
support vehicle.
2. Remove suspension crossmember bolts. Remove starter. Remove clutch release cylinder bolts. Mark drive shaft for instal
Disconnect drive shaft flange at rear axle. Remove center bearing retainer bolts. Remove drive shaft and center bearing
3. Remove exhaust pipe bracket bolt from side of transmission. Disconnect front exhaust pipe from exhaust manifold and cat
electrical connector from transmission. Disconnect speedometer cable. Remove clutch housing dust cover.
4. Attach engine hoist and lifting sling. Remove rear engine mount bolts. Remove center crossmember and exhaust pipe. Raise
slightly. Support transmission with transmission jack. Separate engine and transmission.
5. Mark pressure plate and flywheel for installation reference. Support clutch assembly with clutch aligner. Remove pressure
evenly in a diagonal pattern. Remove clutch assembly.

1. Lubricate ball stud and install release fork. Lubricate shift collar. Assemble release bearing, shift collar, release fork, an
clutch aligner, install clutch assembly into original position.
2. Tighten bolts evenly in diagonal pattern to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS . Lubricate input shaft spl
contact surfaces with molybdenum grease.

3. Operate transmission jack to position transmission at same level as engine. Mate transmission to engine and install engin
3.2L, pull firmly on clutch release fork to engage release bearing to pressure plate. A click should be heard indicating re
all models, reverse removal procedure.
Make sure that the relase arm is fully positioned into release bearing
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Monday, March 4th, 2013 AT 3:02 PM

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