How do you remove a 1994 Dodge Dakota 4wheel.

How do you remove a 1994 dodge dakota 4wheel drive transmission
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Since you provided no info on engine and trans, I set for 3.9 and automatic, 4 speed

CAUTION: The transmission and converter must be removed as an assembly, otherwise, the converter driveplate, front pump bushing and oil seal will be damaged. The driveplate will not support the load; therefore, none of the weight of the transmission should be allowed to rest on the plate during removal.

1. Disconnect battery ground cable.
2. On some models, it may be necessary to lower exhaust system to provide clearance.
3. Remove engine to transmission struts, if equipped.
4. Disconnect and plug oil cooler lines at transmission.
5. Remove starter motor, oil cooler line bracket and converter access cover.
6. Mark converter and driveplate to aid in assembly.
7. To provide access for removal of converter to driveplate attaching bolts, rotate engine clockwise using a socket wrench on vibration damper bolt.
8. Disconnect propeller shaft at rear universal joint, then carefully pull shaft assembly out of extension housing.
9. Disconnect wire connector from back-up light and neutral start switch.
10. Disconnect gearshift rod and torque shaft assembly from transmission.
11. Disconnect throttle rod from lever at left side of transmission.
12. Remove oil filler tube and disconnect speedometer cable.
13. Support engine at rear, then using a transmission jack, raise transmission slightly to relieve load on supports.
14. Remove crossmember, then remove converter housing to engine attaching bolts.
NOTE: Some models have a torsion bar anchor crossmember that remains in place and requires a careful downward tilt of front of transmission as it is being lowered. If these models have a vibration dampening weight bolted to rear of extension housing, it must be removed.

15. Carefully work transmission and converter off engine block dowels and disengage converter hub from end of crankshaft.
NOTE: Attach a small "C clamp to edge of converter housing to hold converter in place during transmission removal.

16. Lower transmission and remove assembly from vehicle.
17. Remove "C" clamp and carefully slide converter assembly from transmission.
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