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I need instructions on how to change a alternator in a 1993 oldsmobile cutlass 3.4L. Is there an easy way to change it?

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 AT 1:03 AM

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CAUTION:Failing to disconnect the battery cable may result in an injury. If a tool is shorted at the alternator lead, the tool will heat enough to cause a skin burn.

Remove air cleaner. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Disconnect coolant recovery tank and position aside. Remove the serpentine belt. Raise vehicle and suitably support it.
Remove tire and wheel assemblies. Remove right engine splash shield upper retaining clips and pull down shield. Remove front exhaust pipe and converter assembly.
Remove steel drive axle shield retaining screws and shield. Remove ball joint nut and separate control arm. Remove right drive axle from transaxle.
Remove steering gear heat shield retaining screws and shield. Disconnect knock sensor electrical connector. Remove alternator cooling duct. Remove alternator rear brace bolt. Access bolt through left wheel opening using a 4 foot extension.
Loosen alternator rear brace bolt nut at engine. Access nut through right wheel well behind alternator. Remove power steering clip and upper alternator stud nut.
Disconnect alternator electrical connectors from alternator. Remove nut and disconnect battery positive lead from alternator output ("BAT") terminal. Remove alternator assembly upper stud and lower bolt/screw. Remove alternator.

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 AT 1:07 AM

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