How do I change fuel pump on my lexis

  • 1992 LEXUS LS
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How do I change fuel pump on my lexis

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 AT 3:19 AM

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Disconnect negative battery terminal.
Drain fuel into an approved container.
Remove front luggage compartment cover.
Disconnect fuel pump electrical connector.
Remove rear seat back.
Remove access hole plug.
Fuel Pump Set Plate

Fuel Pump Removal
Remove fuel pump set plate.
Pinch hose clamps and slide fuel hose toward pump.
Pump Bracket

Remove three pump bracket retaining screws.
Lift fuel pump from tank.
Fuel Pump Disassembly

Fuel Pump Disassembly
Remove fuel pump wires.
Removing Pump From Bracket

Pull lower end of pump away from pump bracket.
Remove rubber cushion.
Removing Pump Filter

Remove filter retaining clip and filter.
Reverse procedure to install. Use a new tank gasket and note the following torque values:
Pump bracket - 48 in. Lbs (5.4 Nm)
Pump set plate - 26 in. Lbs (2.9 Nm)

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