1992 Honda Accord



June, 10, 2013 AT 3:39 PM

I am having problems with my steering on my honda. It makes a squeaking sound when I turn that sounds like it originates from the left front tire. The sound is like running a squeegee across glass for an extended time. I have tried putting new power steering fluid in it but I have NOT drained it yet. I hope its not anything like a ball joint or anything. Any suggestions?

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June, 10, 2013 AT 10:47 PM

Listen down by the steering column under the dash. If that's where the noise is coming from suspect a rubber seal. Chrysler had this problem in the late '90s and there was a service bulletin for it. The fix could be simplified to pulling the boot back with a hooked pick, then spraying in some grease. Their "Spray White Lube" worked best. It goes on juicy so it gets into tight spots and takes the grease with it, then the liquid evaporates and leaves the grease behind.

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