1992 Chevrolet Corsica



December, 5, 2012 AT 8:41 PM

Car runs great for about 15 min then when you stop the cat dies at red lights. Then starts right back up. Till you stop again it dies.

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March, 3, 2013 AT 5:27 AM

Well here is your lucky day I just had the same issues change the entire fuel pump there is a check valve in the fuel pump that leaks presure off. The issues of hard starting and dieing during stoping then found the other reason a vacuum leak along the head under the thermostat housing. Sprayed some carb cleaner along the head gasket and the car died started agine re sprayed and it died. So after spending a ton of time getting the car to run and drive. The head gasket so after u get the proper fuel pressure. Check the seal where the head and block meet.



May, 1, 2013 AT 12:15 AM

Whew. When pulling up to the light does the car come to a smooth stop then die out or does it buck and chug then die? What about after restart, does it go into gear and idle? Alot of the GM cars such as Corsica, Barretta, Cavaliers, Fieros, and the like had some problems with sticking TCC solenoids in the trans. They would stick and hold fluid pressure applied to the clutch in the torque converter, which would act like stopping in a manual transmission type car without pushing the clutch, buck- chug- stall. The fix was to try changing fluid first see if it unsticks. CAUTION: Changing fluid on high mile trans if not previously serviced at regular intervals, may induce problems not previously seen. Oneway to test before fluid change is to disconnect the 4pin blue(usually) connector on the front of the transmission and drive it. Can be driven like this without harm but gas mileage will suffer. TCC usually will not engauge under about 35-40 MPH anyway. If problem went away have TCC solenoid replaced. Hope this helped.



April, 29, 2014 AT 1:54 PM

Where is the tcc? 3.1 motor

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