How to Replace a Reverse Light Bulb

When replacing a reverse light bulb check all directional and headlight bulbs as well, use high quality bulb to avoid premature failure.

Let's Jump In!

Start by locating the reverse light bulb that has failed and remove the lens mounting screws.
remove reverse bulb lens

After the screws have been removed, grasp the lens and pop it from the mount, this procedure will vary per manufacturer, please ask one of our experts for help, its free.
pop reverse light lens

Once the lens is loose, locate the reverse light bulb socket.
reverse light socket

Grasp the socket and gently twist it counterclockwise to remove.
reverse light bulb

Gently grasp the bulb and firmly pull upward while holding the socket downward, some designs require a counterclockwise twisting motion while pushing slightly downward and then lift upward to remove the bulb.
grasp reverse light bulb

Watch the Video!

Please watch this video of the job being done, then continue down the guide to glean additional helpful information.

The bulb will pull out of the socket and be ready for replacement.
bad reverse light bulb

Match the new bulb to the old unit, they should match identically, reinstall the new bulb, turn the ignition switch on with out starting the engine, put the transmission in reverse to test the repair.
new reverse light bulb

After checking the bulb operation, position the socket back into the lens and twist clockwise to tighten.
reinsert reverse light bulb socket

Next, reposition the lens and insert it back into its holder.
reinsert reverse light lens

After the lens is in place, install the mounting screws and tighten.
reinstall reverse light bulb lens screws


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