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I have a 1991 Nissan truck w/ 2.4L (ka24e)engine. I replaced the head gasket. The timing chain slipped on the crank. I am not sure witch way. How do I time in the cam? The truck purrs like a kitten, but has a slow throttle response.

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Sunday, November 21st, 2010 AT 6:43 AM

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Here are the procedures and steps that are not relevant should be skipped.


1. Remove front cover. Carefully remove chain tensioner. DO NOT lose spring. Remove chain guides. Remove camshaft sprocket bolt, ensuring camshaft does not rotate. Remove timing chain and camshaft sprocket.

CAUTION:DO NOT rotate camshaft or crankshaft with timing chain

2. Remove oil slinger (if equipped). Remove oil pump drive gear (note installation direction). Remove crankshaft sprocket. Remove chain guide and tensioner.


1. Ensure No. 1 piston is at TDC of compression stroke. Camshaft knock-pin should be at 12 o'clock position. Align silver timing chain link with punch mark on sprocket.

2. Install timing chain onto crankshaft sprocket. Align marks on timing chain with marks on crankshaft sprocket. See Fig. 6. Both sprocket timing marks will be toward left of engine. Install chain guide and tensioner. Adjust chain guide tensioner.

3. Install oil pump drive gear onto crankshaft with large chamfered inner face toward rear. Install oil slinger (if equipped). To complete installation, reverse removal procedure.

NOTE: The following figure is Courtesy of Nissan Motor Co, U.S.A.

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