Timing belt

  • 1991 FORD RANGER
  • 195,480 MILES

I need timing belt diagram and more imfo on how to

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1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Rotate engine clockwise and position cylinder No. 1 on TDC of compression stroke. Ensure "O" mark on crankshaft pulley aligns with "O" mark on outer timing belt cover.

2. Looking through plug hole of outer timing belt cover, ensure camshaft sprocket timing mark aligns with cover pointer. See
Fig. 1.

3. Remove fan guard, cooling shroud, cooling fan and fan shroud. Remove drive belt, water pump pulley and automatic belt tensioner. Discharge A/C system (if equipped) using approved refrigerant recovery equipment. Remove A/C compressor mounting bracket with power steering pump attached, and position aside. Drain cooling system. Remove upper radiator hose. Remove thermostat housing and gasket.

4. Remove retaining bolt and crankshaft pulley. Remove hub assembly retaining bolt from crankshaft. Remove outer timing belt cover. Ensure camshaft sprocket timing mark aligns with cover pointer. See
Fig. 1.

5. Loosen belt tensioner bolts. Using Camshaft Belt Tensioner (T74P-6254-A) or equivalent, release spring tension on belt tensioner. Rotate belt tensioner away from timing belt and tighten bolts.

6. On distributorless models, remove retaining bolts and pull crankshaft sensor from dowel pins. See Fig. 1. Remove hub assembly. On all models, note direction of belt guide installation, and remove belt guide. Remove timing belt.

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