1990 Toyota Camry



October, 18, 2010 AT 10:20 PM

1990 Toyota Camry mileage: 150,000. 1. The oil warning light is on. 2. There are four quarts of oil in the car. 3. The oil filter is dry. 4. The engine sounds rough. 5. There is noise coming from the oil pump area. 6. A friend and I removed the oil pan and looked inside the engine and there is nothing broken or loose. 7. It does not seem that oil is circulating around the oil pump. It looks dry. 8. My amature mechanic friend suspects the oil pump is bad. 9. I took it to the Toyota dealer and they suggested that they replace the engine for $2,500.00 without looking inside the engine. What is the problem? Should I take back to the dealer and ask them to replace the oil pump? Why couldn't they determine this problem without replacing the engine?


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October, 18, 2010 AT 10:23 PM

It is difficult to tell why you have no oil pressure. Running the engine with no oil pressure will cause major internal damage. Unfortunately, replacing the oil pump will not remedy the probable damage done to your engine. The dealer can get the oil pump working again but that will not help you if the engine is ruined.



January, 31, 2014 AT 3:41 AM

Take your car to a jiffy lube and have it flushed before oil change.



April, 13, 2014 AT 7:00 PM

Hi: I noticed you got a couple more replies on your post. To be honest, since the engine was rebuilt and you really never allowed the engine to run with 0 oil pressure, I feel confident that you shouldn't have damaged anything internally. However, if I am wrong and you did run it for long periods of time with a knocking or ticking from the engine, there could be damage.

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