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Nissan Bluebird 1989 LD20 II front wheel drive. Please advise the method and sequence of what parts to undo to remove the gearbox (5 speed manual) while motor remains in the car while car remains on road (have 2 wheel ramps, jacks and blocks) to get at the pressure plate, to change the currently slipping clutch plate. I will be very greatful to your kind help.

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 AT 6:06 AM

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1. Remove battery and battery holding plate. Remove air cleaner and airflow meter. Remove front wheels and drain transaxle gear oil. Remove wheel house protector or undercover. Remove drive axles.

CAUTION: During drive axle removal, use care to avoid
damaging oil seal lip.

2. Separate shift control rod and shift support rod from transaxle. Disconnect exhaust pipe from engine manifold and frame bracket (if necessary). Remove engine mount bolts and transmission protector.

3. Disconnect clutch cable or remove clutch slave cylinder. Disconnect speedometer cable, back-up and neutral switch wires. Support rear of engine with jack. Remove transfer case (if equipped). Remove starter.

4. Support transaxle with jack. Remove transaxle mount bolts. Remove engine-to-transaxle mount bolts. Remove transaxle. Loosen pressure plate bolts in crisscross pattern. Remove disc and pressure plate.

NOTE: All components except clutch disc and release bearing can be cleaned in solvent.

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