I HAVE 19861992 SUPRA MK3 GA70 WITH A 1GGTEU ...

1988 Toyota Supra



January, 9, 2013 AT 9:51 PM

I have 1986–1992 Supra MK3 GA70 with a 1G-GTEU engine i'm having some problems locating Crankshaft Position Sensor. My mechanic told me that it is faulty how do I find it and replace it?


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February, 1, 2013 AT 1:25 AM

These can be mounted to monitor the crankshaft pulley (look for a small unit with wires going to it - around the pulley) - OR sometimes they are incorporated into the distributor unit.

It might be good for you to ask your mechanic. He should tell you.

It also seems that you should purchase an 'alldata' subscription; or purchase a Hanes, Chiltorns or Factory manual. To do any actual work and get it done right - you need to have access to numerous photos, illustrations, and diagnostic advice and suggestions. A manual provides this.

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