1988 Pontiac Sunbird



March, 8, 2011 AT 12:24 AM

What is the procedure in replacing the water pump on 88 pontiac sunbird? Its the 4-cylinder, 2.0liter, non-turbo. Or can you refer me to a good source for that info? I have a manual, but its very vague. Please help. I welcome illustrations, also.


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March, 9, 2011 AT 3:47 AM

Overhead cam

Disconnect battery ground cable.
Drain cooling system, then remove timing belt. Refer to TIMING BELT for procedure.
Remove timing belt rear protective covers, as required.
Remove water pump attaching bolts then the water pump and sealing ring, Fig 16.
Clean engine block and water pump sealing surfaces, then apply a 3/32 inch of RTV sealant to sealing surfaces. While RTV sealant is still wet, install water pump. Tighten attaching bolts finger tight.
Install timing belt rear protective covers.
Install timing belt. Refer to TIMING BELT for procedure.

Push rod

Disconnect battery ground cable and drain cooling system.
Remove accessory drive belts.
Remove alternator to alternator bracket retaining bolts and position alternator aside.
Remove water pump pulley to water pump attaching bolts, then the pulley from water pump.
Remove four water pump to block attaching bolts and the water pump, Fig. 24.
Clean sealing surfaces of pump and engine block and place a 1/8 inch bead of sealant 1052289, or equivalent, to sealing surfaces. Install pump. Coat threaded area of pump bolts with sealant 1052080, install torque bolts to 13---18 ft. Lbs.
Reverse removal procedures to complete installation.

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