How to change the clutch

  • 1987 FORD TEMPO
  • 60,000 MILES
How to change the clutch
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Disconnect battery ground cable and drain transaxle fluid.
Wedge a seven inch wood block under clutch pedal.
Disconnect clutch cable from clutch release shaft assembly, then remove the clutch cable casing from rib on top surface of transaxle case.
Remove two top transaxle to engine mounting bolts.
Remove top bolt that secures air management valve bracket to transaxle.
Raise vehicle, then remove lower control arm ball joint to steering knuckle attaching nut and bolt. Discard nut and bolt and repeat procedure on opposite side.
Pry lower control arm from knuckle on both sides of vehicle using suitable pry bar. Use care not to damage or cut ball joint.
Pry left inboard CV joint assembly from transaxle using suitable pry bar. Lubricate will drain from the seal at this time. Install two plugs.
Remove inboard CV joint from transaxle. Repeat procedure on other side.

NOTE: If the CV joint assembly cannot be pried from the transaxle, insert tool T81P-4026-A or other suitable tool through the left side and tap the joint out. Tool can be used from either side of the transaxle.

Wire left and right half shaft assemblies in level position.
Remove backup lamp switch connector from transaxle backup lamp switch.
Remove engine roll restrictor bracket.
Remove three heater pipe bracket attaching screws, then remove engine roll restrictor.
Remove starter.
Disconnect shift mechanism from shaft.
Disconnect and remove control selector indicator switch arm from shift shaft.
Remove shift mechanism stabilizer bar to transaxle attaching bolt, then remove control selector indicator switch and bracket.
Remove speedometer cable from transaxle.
Remove two stiffener brace attaching bolts from lower position of clutch housing.
Position a jack under transaxle.
Remove two rear mount and air management valve to transaxle securing bolts, then remove three bolts attaching front mount to transaxle.
Lower transaxle support jack until transaxle clears rear mount and support engine with suitable jack. Use a suitable piece of wood between the jack and engine.
Remove remaining four engine to transaxle attaching bolts.
Remove transaxle from rear face of the engine and lower it from vehicle.

WARNING: The transaxle case casting may have sharp edges. Wear protective gloves when handling the transaxle assembly.

Reverse procedure to install. Torque the following as specified;

a. Engine to transaxle bolts 26-31 ft lbs (35-41 Nm)
b. Front transaxle mount bolts 25-35 ft lbs (33-47 Nm)
c. Rear transaxle mount bolts 40-51 ft lbs (54-69 Nm)
d. Starter stud bolts 30-40 ft lbs (40-54 Nm)
e. Starter nuts 25-30 ft lbs (33-40 Nm)
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