How to change clutch

How to change clutch
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1. Open hood and support with stay. Remove 3 spare tire either from front or left side. Do not force spare tire or air cleaner with hand while removing spare tire. Be careful not to damage or scratch coated surfaces of body panels with spare tire.

2. Disconnect ground cable from battery and engine. Remove clamp from spare tire supporter. Remove spare tire supporter. Remove hill-holder cable, along with lock nut and clips. Remove clutch cable, along with return spring, lock nut, adjusting nut and clips. Remove air duct. Remove speedometer cable and clip.

3. Disconnect harness connectors at transmission and exhaust pipe. Remove starter. To remove center exhaust pipe on turbo models, remove heat shield cover from transmission side, heat shield cover from turbocharger side, and heat-shield cover from lower side of turbocharger.

4. Raise vehicle, loosen 2 bolts at front exhaust pipe, lower vehicle to floor, and remove heat shield cover at center exhaust pipe. Remove center exhaust pipe. Disconnect center exhaust pipe at turbocharger. Raise vehicle. Disconnect center exhaust pipe from rear exhaust pipe. Remove hanger bolt, and disconnect center exhaust pipe at transmission. Move center exhaust pipe away from vehicle. Lower vehicle to floor.

5. Remove mounting nuts and bolts on right side which attach engine to transmission. Raise vehicle. Disconnect front exhaust pipe from engine by removing all except one nut. Disconnect front exhaust pipe from rear one. Disconnect rear exhaust pipe from muffler. Disconnect front exhaust pipe from hanger bracket and remove the last remaining bolt.

6. Remove rigid crossmember. Remove drive shaft (4WD). Plug opening at rear of extension to prevent oil from flowing out. Remove gearshift system by removing spring, disconnecting rod and stay from transmission, and disconnecting linkage rod from select lever.

7. Remove stabilizer from transverse link by loosening nut and bolt on lower side of plate. Remove bolt holding transverse link to front crossmember on each side. Remove hand brake cable bracket from transverse link. Remove nut and bolt and lower transverse link. Remove spring pin and separate axle shaft from drive shaft on each side.

8. Remove nuts mounting engine to transmission. Place a transmission jack under transmission. Remove rear rubber cushion mounting nuts. Remove rear and rigid crossmembers. Move transmission jack toward rear until mainshaft is withdrawn from clutch cover. Lower transmission jack.

9. Remove pressure plate retaining bolts. Remove pressure plate and disc. To remove release bearing holder and clutch release lever, remove 2 clips from lever. Remove release bearing holder (2WD) or assembly (4WD). Remove retainer spring from pivot, and clutch release lever and sealing.


1. Install clutch release lever and release bearing holder (2WD) or assembly (4WD). Before or during assembly, lubricate following points with a light coat of molybdenum disulphide grease: inner groove of release bearing holder, contact surface of lever and pivot, contact surface of lever and holder, and transmission mainshaft spline.

2. Install retainer spring into lever. While pushing lever onto pivot and twisting it to both sides, fit retainer spring onto constricted portion of pivot. Install clutch release lever sealing. Insert Guide (499747000 for 2WD or 499747100 for 4WD) into clutch disc and install them on flywheel by inserting end of guide into pilot bearing. Install clutch cover on flywheel and tighten bolts to 11-13 ft. Lbs. (14-17 N.M).

3. When installing clutch cover on flywheel, position clutch cover so there is a gap of 120 or more between "0" marks on flywheel and clutch cover. Note front and rear of clutch disc when installing. Tighten clutch cover installing bolts gradually. Each bolt should be tightened in a criss-cross fashion to specified torque.

4. After remounting engine and transmission on body, make adjustment with nut at lever end so clutch release lever end play is.08-.12" (2-3 mm) for 2WD non-turbo and.12-.16" (3-4 mm) for all others. Take care not to twist cable during adjustment. Install release lever return spring. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure.
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