1986 Pontiac Fiero



September, 19, 2011 AT 8:49 PM

Can anybody help me on how to clean the idle control valve in a fiero? Is it a different process? Ive heard you have to get a certain sensor cleaner with it. And I was wondering how much a new one would be. The symptoms of my car are it idles at around 2500 rpm even when warmed up and when I press the gas, it idles down, and when I drive it, before it warms up it bucks and shakes really bad and its really starting to make me mad, so if anybody has some tips, please help


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September, 20, 2011 AT 1:01 AM

This is what I could find for replacement instructions: 2.5L Engine
1984-86 MODELS

1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery cable.
2. Remove the air cleaner assembly.
3. Remove the Idle Air Control Valve (IAC) electrical connector.
4. Using a 1 1 / 4 in. Wrench, remove the IAC valve from the throttle body.

Before installing a new IAC valve, measure the distance that the conical valve (pintle) extends. The measurement should be made from the valve housing to the end of the pintle cone. The distance should be no greater than 1 1 / 8 inch (28mm). If the pintle cone is extended too far, damage to the IAC valve may occur when installed.

There is special cleaner that is used to clean them. It is an electronic cleaner that won't damage it.

A new one is around 40.00. I attached a picture of what you are looking for. It screws off the TBI.

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