My 79 fuel injection Beetle worked fine one day.

My 79 fuel injection beetle worked fine one day was getting low on gas and its not driven very often. Next day acted like it needed gas put gas in still acted underpowered. Replaced fuel filter, flushed fuel lines checked for vacuum leaks. Someone said it might be the temperature sensor or temperature control, dont remember which. Does that sound right and which one of the those does my car have. The advice came from a gentleman who said it is actually somewhat flooding.
I would like some thought before I take it back to a repair shop. The first one I took it to had it for several months and could not figure out what was wrong with it. I am a female who needs some good advice so I don't get taken advantage of.
Saturday, October 27th, 2012 AT 5:32 PM

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The first thing to check is the Ignition Points inside the Distributor (under the cap & rotor). If the points do not open correctly, then
your Ignition Timing is not correct and the Ignition Coil is not able to produce a spark that is "hot" enough to ignite the air/ fuel
mixture across the the spark plug.

The "temperature sensor" is located at the left side of the engine by the #4 spark plug. It is a threaded metal piece the size of a
dime (13mm wrench fitting) with a single black wire coming out of it. Make sure that this sensor is tight in its seat.

When they go bad they can cause driveability issues.

Make sure the rubber air hoses are connected to the air flow meter & at the throttle body (top of engine) correctly, with no air gaps
any where along the line.

Was this
Saturday, October 27th, 2012 AT 8:13 PM

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