How Hybrid Transmissions Work

A hybrid transmission is designed with more features than a traditional automatic transmission. We have assembled cutaway images and information to help you get a better idea of how the transmission works and the tasks it performs. Hybrid style transmissions continue to evolve and change as technology and demands continually evolve.

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The gear shifter is more advanced than traditional shifters mainly due to the fact there is no shift cable connecting the shifter to the transmission, this is a purely electronically controlled device that sends commands to the PCM which in turn gives a signal to operate the transmission desired by the driver. Featuring the typical forward and reverse gear selections, the hybrid shifter also contains new commands such as a battery boost option.
hybrid gear selector

The hybrid drivetrain consists of two separate power sources to propel the vehicle at various modes of driving. Depending on load conditions, the operating system will switch controls from the gasoline powered engine source to the electric motor which increases efficiency. An electrically controlled valve body and clutch packs are used to switch between modes of operation, which is controlled by the vehicle's PCM. Though service intervals for these transmissions vary between manufacturers, most hybrid transmissions have a fluid filter and fluid that will require service, the new fluid and filter helps the transmission  functionally.
hybrid motor transmission

The hybrid transmission consists of gears, shafts and clutches that perform various operations such as gear selection much like a conventional automatic transmission. The torque converter which is used in conventional automatic transmissions has been replaced by an electrically controlled coupler that can be engaged and disengaged.
hybrid transmission cutaway

Here are the electric motors(s) which are integrated inside the transmission case, they are turned on at optimal conditions in the vehicle's operation, they also provide the vehicle some degree of stopping power and battery charging functions while the brakes are applied. Traditionally these operations are handled by the brake pads and alternator. Besides propelling the vehicle these electrical motors are used to crank over and start the conventional gasoline engine, no external starter motor is used in this application.
hybrid electric motors

An watertight electrical connector is used on the hybrid transmission case to transmit sensor data and control solenoid functions supplied and used by the main control computer.
hybrid electrical connector


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