Toyota Pickup

I got a 2002 toyota tacoma. V6 4 wheel drive. It has about 150k miles on it. The problem is as followed. When I first go out to start the truck it starts no problem. If I drive it for a few miles, run into a store, come out, I turn the key, and it cranks, but wont start till about the 3rd try. It seems to start better if I hold the gas pedal to the floor. I have had plugs, wires, fuel filter changed recently and didnt solve anything. Running out of options.
October 11, 2006.

Have the fuel pressure check

Oct 13, 2006.
G'day numbers I would give my car a red x treatment if it was hard to start when warmed up. The red x is a detergent oil that you add to your fuel tank. It will decoke your motor and clean the varnish off of the piston rings giving you back your compression and power and economy. Good luck with it mate : D

Francis 180
Oct 13, 2006.
I have the same problem on a '98 Tacoma V-6. Our issue developed after we changed the timing belt, water pump and had the injectors cleaned and re-calibrated. Our rig had 194K on the odometer and prior to this work started on the first crank. The timing is correct and we had the fuel system checked for the (suspected) pressure drop. All was in order. The only thing we figure is an issue with the injectors or perhaps a corrupted gasket in the intake upon reassembly. First cold start in the morning is fine as are subsequent starts when warm provided the vehicle is restarted within minutes after shutting it off. Our problem arises when it has set for 10 to 15 minutes before a restart. Upon restart the atmosphere smells a bit rich. The Toyota now has 218K. By the way it runs smoothly at idle and at speed. Any suggestions?

Oct 23, 2007.
Check you fuel pressure. Or even go check all the parts with fuel. Fuel pressure. Fuel tank and fuel filter. You may have problems in that.

Mar 26, 2009.