2002 Toyota Highlander

Noises problem
2002 Toyota Highlander 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 218000 miles

Started the other morning. First it was a slightly high pitched numming noise. The kind where you make a fake car accelerating sound with your own voice.

Then the next morning, it was much louder. This happened pretty much in the morning and when I'm going 0-30mph. It doesn't happen all day. But I will still hear it.

What could it be and how expensive is it going to cost me?

PLEASE HELP before I take it in to the shop and they charge me more than I have to pay! Thanks so much in advance!
November 10, 2010.

By decription is sounds like a belt or pulley noise.

Start it up, if the nosie is present, spray some hairspray or similiar on the belt and see if it stops.

IF so the belt is probably stretched or the tensioner is getting weak.

CAn you further describe where the nosie is coming from? Engine compartment.I assume?

Okay, it sounds like it's coming from the Engine area. And the sound with the hood opened upon starting sounds like a really loud fan to a circular saw cutting wood.

Nov 12, 2010.