1988 Ford Ranger • 2.9L V6 4WD Manual • 104,300 miles

1988 Ranger Custom inherited from father-in-law.
The Haynes repair book says there were 2 transmissions made for this truck.
Mazda M50D which uses MERCON Auto Trans fluid.
Mitsubishi M50D which uses SAE 80W standard trans lubricant.
The Haynes book says I have the Mitsubishi Trans BUT THERES MERCON IN THERE.
A couple of years ago I went to a Nationally known 'Quick Lube' place and of course they said it needed to be changed, which I said ok to.
I've also taken the truck to the local Ford dealer and had the oil changed, and some repairs done.
So what do I do - is the wrong stuff in there? - There is NO drivability issues, it shifts smoothly, no noise, nothing that I can think of that's wrong. I'd just like to use the CORRECT FLUID and if possible that it is the gear lube that's the right one I would like to use a synthetic lube as I don't drive that many miles per year (I've also been using Mobile 1 in the engine) The photos enclosed are of the label on the drivers side of the trans.
and of the decal on the drivers door.
Thanks for your help, Patrick-OrOldMan
July 25, 2014.

My factory service data show MerconV only for that vehicle. It does not show any other option or trans applying to that vehicle so you have the correct fluid.

Jul 25, 2014.
Thank you so much for the quick reply. I noticed that only the photo with the VIN info showed up.
In the Haynes manual they stated that the trans model no. FM 146 which is on the trans label I have was the Mitsubishi that takes the SAE 80W gear lube that's why I was concerned. It goes to show you that sometimes info can be wrong - Ford knows best.
Thank you again I'm very pleased that your service is available, Patrick

Jul 25, 2014.
Just so you know, you can't trust Haynes Manuals.

If you want accurate info go to

Jul 25, 2014.