2002 Ford Ranger

2002 Ford Ranger XLT, 2.3liter motor, 2 wd, 3 spd. Automatic w/OD. When driving the truck the OD warning light was blinking and the transmission was shifting rather hard. When returning home and putting in park, I then shifted to reverse and the truck wouldn't move. None of the other drive gears would move the truck either. Checked fluid, checked linkage, changed filter and fluid, and still wouldn't work. Hours later when truck was cold, transmission began to work again.
September 9, 2007.

You need to take off the valve cover, the exhaust manifold, intake manifold, unplug the distributor and take off the top timing belt cover. Mark the timing belt, keep it snug to not let it move off the crankshaft gear, remove the bolts in the head and lift it off. Have it checked for warping and cracks.

Bruce Hunt
Jun 28, 2007.
Usually when the overdrive light is blinking there is a serious electrical problem inside the transmission. Probably will result in a rebuild

Sep 14, 2007.