1998 Renault Clio

Engine Cooling problem
1998 Renault Clio Manual

Hi. My car is overheating and the heater doesnt blow any warm air. Ive checked the oil, thats fine. The coolant is at max. What do you think maybe the problem? Thanks. Renault clio 1.2 RT R reg
January 22, 2009.

Check the thermostat. Have the cooling system pressure tested and have the cylinders compression tested. Is there a chocolatey brown substance in the coolant filler bottle? Let me know

Dave H
Jan 22, 2009.
One major bit that I left out of the message which may change the ansewr you gave is. The electric fan isnt working. I went to halfords today to see if it was the fuse and it isnt.

The colour of the water is fine, pure blue.

Il check the thermostat if you still think it is the right way to go. Let me know : )

Thanks so much for your help : )

Jan 25, 2009.
Ok. That does change things. The fan really needs to be repaired. The fan is controlled by the Engine temprature sensor. You will need to have this checked. Also the wiring to the fan and the actual fan motor itself . When does the vehicle overheat? Stuck in traffic. Or on motorway etc.. Let me know

Dave H
Jan 25, 2009.