2003 Renault Clio • 80,000 miles

My car won't start my serv light is flashing but nothing electronic is work except my fog lights and rear light ( not my windows, clock or headlights. I've trired a screwdriver over the starter moter but it just wants to start but don't. My batterys fine and so is my fuses, my emoberliser light does not even light up at all when my key in egnision witch is strange and my key fob won't operate to lock the car.
September 15, 2011.

Have actually tested the battery to make sure it has 12 volts?
If not do that and get back with us.

Yea I have and yes 12v is there. Thanks for the quick replie

Sep 16, 2011.
Chechck the main fusible links and make sure there tight and not corroded. That will be the first hot connection on the under-hood fuse box.

I've checked and it all good : (

Sep 16, 2011.
Okay. Could be a problem with grounding. One or two bad grounds can cuse havoc on older electrical systems. Trace the ones you can and make sure they are clean and have a good connection. Then make your own ground straps. They can run from negative battery to chassis, chassis to engine, to anywhere near distributor, or near anywhere that is problematic. You just need to keep in mind not to overfeed an area, try to make a grounding, "circle", for a lack of better words.
The car computer or voltage regulator could also be at fault. Otherwise there is not much more I can suggest.
I hope it works out for you.

Hi buddy! Yeah I had similar problem 2months ago. I had to take it to Renault dealer where they replaced my key because it was not responding and the ECU which was defective. Price wise it was quite expensive, but I'm happy right now its Ok. Cheers and good luck.

Sep 17, 2011.
That's good your working for now. Come back anytime.

Dr. C