1992 Lexus ES 300

Transmission problem
1992 Lexus ES 300 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 69600 miles

I just got the car aligned and had the rack and pinion bushings replaced and the tie rods and the swaybar bushings replaced. The day after I got th car back from the shop the tranny went out on a hill. When the accelorator is depressed the engine revs and the car hardly moves forward. I notices that the OD/off light started to Blink which is not normal. I check the fluid level and it looked fine. Also when the tranny is shifted into REV it grabs hard.

What could the problem be? Could it be a sensor cable that came loose or a vacume hose or do I need a new tranny?

Thank you, 1992 ES300 SJPR
February 12, 2008.

Get the throttle position and vehicle speed sensor checked-the computer uses it as signal indicators of throttle and governor pressure to command shift solenoids to opearte.

Feb 15, 2008.
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May 28, 2013.