2004 Honda Civic

Electrical problem
2004 Honda Civic 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 149000 miles

Hi I have been having a problem with my dash for the past year. It's very unpredictable. My spedometer, gas, temp, and kms gauges will not come on. They will go off and it could be for an hour, could be for a couple days. Sometimes when I start my car or go over a bump or just be driving it will come back on. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Amanda fuller
October 9, 2009.

Hi Amanda fuller,

You have a loose connection somewhere and vibrations/bumps is causing it to come on or go off depending on situation. The best time to perform test is when the gauges do not work.

You would have to remove the meter cluster to perform the test.

Start by wiggling wire harness under dash to fuse box. If they start working where you wiggled, check connectors for contamination or loseness in connection.

Oct 10, 2009.