Ford Taurus

Just yesterday I replaced the spark plugs and wires and intake gasket on a 99 Ford taurus. 3.0 DOHC. When I started it back up it started to jump and back fire. I rechecked the sparks plugs and wires and the valcumn hoses and they were fine. I can not find the answer to this problem. It was not doing this before I did the tune up. Can I get some help. Thanks
November 25, 2006.

Make sure the intake gasket sealed properly and that you tightened the intake manifold properly. If the intake gasket is leaking, that could be what is making the car run rough.

Nov 26, 2006.
Depending upon how rough the car runs the non-sealing of the intake will generally cause an engine to surge a bit as well. I am wondering if you got the plug wires in correctly as in seated right, if you may have cracked a plug or put a plug wire on the wrong plug.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 27, 2006.
Check the gap on the plugs and to make sure you put the wires in the correct order

Nov 27, 2006.