2003 Ford Taurus

Air Conditioning problem
2003 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 55000 miles

about a month ago my a/c was making a high pitched screech when I turned it on so I stopped using it for about a week then when I tried to use it again it would only work on high, but about a week ago it stopped working completely is it the a/c- heater engine thats broken? I about to take a road trip up north and im going to need my heater. Thank you.
January 5, 2008.

It may be the blower motor itself, if it was making noise. Try unplugging the electrical connector, then turn it on and use a voltmeter at the connector to check for power. If there is power, Change the blower.

Jan 5, 2008.
The problem with your blower is not only the motor, but the blower relay. It is located in the heater box close to the blower motor. However, the TRUE cause of this problem is a water leak. The problem is the wiper arm cowel at the base of the windshield. They warp and allow water intrusion into the fresh air filter intake. The water runs down and corrodes the relay and the motor. To resolve the concern Ford came out with an entire procedure that calls for the replacement of the cowel, relay and motor, as well as the modification of the air intake box. Check with your local dealer to get all the updated parts. Simply replacing the motor and relay won't be a long term solution to the problem.

Jan 5, 2008.