2000 Ford Ranger

Engine Cooling problem
2000 Ford Ranger 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 120000 miles

Removed radiator and fan shroud, how do I getthe fan off the water pump assembly or should I just try to take the pump and fan assembly off as a unit from the engine.
i already donated some noney earlier this month. Having hard time paying right now
August 25, 2009.

Hello -

To better assist you do you have the 3.0L or the 4.0L engine. What is the 8th digit of your VIN.

Thank you very much for the donation

Please let us know if what the final fix was for your car so we can better assist others. Thanks!

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Aug 25, 2009.
It's a 3.0 supposedly flex fuel

Aug 26, 2009.

Thanks for the info

Sounds like you did the hard part . The radiator and the fan shroud. Though you didn t have to remove the radiator . My suggestion since you have it off is to either have it cleaned out or replace it. You do have 120K on the vehicle . Good preventative maintenance. You might also compare the price of having it cleaned out to replacing it too. At Auto Zone you can pick one up for about $240 and if you go to the Radiator Barn (link below) it is only about $139. Again, I like doing preventive maintenance. It is drained, removed, you are there .
Also I would replace all of the hoses. They too have 120K on them.

Aug 26, 2009.