1996 Ford Ranger

Brakes problem
1996 Ford Ranger 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

I recently did a brake job on all 4 wheels. The e-brake was tight and needed to be adjusted.I looked for the usual Y split to make an adjustment. I searched from front to back and could not find any adjustment. Is this some self adjusting thing? If so, how do you take the tension off to reset it?
November 26, 2009.

All the adjustment is in the drum area, not the cables.
Did you replace the drums or maching them. A lip on the drum makes for a lousy adjustment. The little self adjuster cables tend to break on these are they new?

If you have them over adjusted, back off the the adjuster star wheel.

The drums are brand new. The old drums were junk. The star adjuster is turned all the way in. What do you mean the adjustment is in the inside of the drums not at the cables? You only have a spring loaded bar that goes across from shoe to shoe, then you have the star adjuster. What else is there? There has to be an adjustment for the cable!

Nov 26, 2009.
I empathyze with you.....there isn't. On a weekly basis I find myself looking a particular system that has been engineered so oddly that I say to myself.."But there has to be"...

I have a 98 ranger.

This is what you need to do. Pull the drums back off and apply the e-brake. Does it move the shoes out?

Recheck for anything mis-installed.

If either side or both sides are not moving with the parking brake pedal, then look more closely at the cable on the inside of the drum. Does the cable move as it should or does it not return. I'm thinking the cable (s) may either sticky or frozen and not moving the shoes.

Since you have the star wheel adjusted to the drums properly, then I doubt the shoes are moving.