1991 Ford Ranger

Electrical problem
1991 Ford Ranger 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual

Starter would not engage when key turned. Just clicking from near solenoid. Replaced solenoid, same problem. Starter replaced and when battery hooked back up the starter engages when the ignition is off. Removed ignition switch to get replacement but first hooked up battery again. Engine began turning over even with no switch! Battery is hooked up but starter wire is not hooked to solenoid. As soon as it is the starter turns. It's spooky to have the starter turn when you have the key in your pocket. Any ideas?
May 15, 2010.

Could be you hooked up the solenoid wrong. Wire to the starter goes on the opposite side of the solenoid as the fuse links and positive battery cable, and the small wire goes on the small terminal on the battery cable side. Remove the Negative cable before starting, and put it back on AFTER all the other wires have been connected.

May 15, 2010.
2Carpros. Com
Your info was spot on about the solenoid being wired wrong. One wire was in the wrong place. Changed that on the new solenoid and it seems we're right back where we started. Click, click, click! Not the battery-it was on the generator over an hour and showing 13.6 volts when I took it off. Could it be the rebuilt starter?

May 16, 2010.
Yes it could, take it out, bring it back, they can test it for you. If any shims where removed and not put back in, put the shims in, Fords dont normally have shims though. Another possibility is a bad battery cable.

May 19, 2010.