1995 Ford Probe

Engine Performance problem
1995 Ford Probe 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 98,000 miles

When I was driving I felt a thrust in the engine and the rpm's went up and a few seconds later the car barely wanted to move when I had the gas pedal floored. Came to a stop light and tried to start to move and it barely moved and was verly slow. Didn't hear any noise or smoke anywhere. What could this be?
Mary Kay
May 5, 2008.

Have the fuel pressure check and comeback with the readings this is where we start-could be a nightmare on this one.

May 5, 2008.
Hello Mary Kay and rasmataz,

My 95 Ford Probe V6 is having the same issues, engine revs high and does not put out power, the car will actually stall as I press the accelerator while driving. My Check Engine Light comes on as well. I brought the car to a garage and they provided me the following code numbers. I thought they would have given me a detailed list but they only gave me the code numbers. I do remember most of them mentioned Grounding Faults.

02 03 04 05 08 10 12 14.

Thanks for any help you guys can offer.


Jose M Serrano
Jul 30, 2008.