2002 Ford F-150

Electrical problem
2002 Ford F150 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 103000 miles

I've had a plug coil replaced in the past ($175-$190 or so) and now have another cylinder misfire code. This time for #5 - apparently the front right, as I'm facing the engine. I'd love to tackle this myself, given the price of parts vs. Taking it to a shop.
The only think I can't seem to find good info on is the fuel rail that runs across the top of the plugs/coils.
I can tell that I'll have to move a bracket/brace on that side, to get down there, but what about the rail? Does that have to come off, too, in order to work on the c.O.P?
Thanks for any help.
August 17, 2009.

No luke the coil will come past the rail once you remove the hold down bolt the boots are rubber
they will move around the rail


Aug 17, 2009.
I'm happy to report back that I bought the part locally for $40 plus another $1 for the di-electric grease and knocked it out last night. Truck now runs smooth as silk again. What a feeling to have it fixed - and know that I saved around $150 vs. Getting it done at a repair shop, and who knows how much more vs. Taking it to the dealer.

I did go ahead and take off the plastic air intake cover (3 bolts - the plastic piece that says " 4.6l Triton" on it.). Also moved the bracket that holds the power steering fluid reservoir. Just made it easier to get my hands in there. Couldn't be more pleased with how it went, and I will not hesitate to take the rest of them on some time soon.

Didn't want to wait for an eBay order to ship, as this chugging/missing had been going on already for a couple of weeks. But, I am going to order a set ($80 (or less!) On eBay) and either have them on hand for the next time one goes out, or just dive in and do 'em all + the plugs sometime soon. My local Ford dlrshp parts dept. Wanted $97! For one coil. (Bought my single at O'Reilly's for $39.99)

Thanks again, Billymac, for the encouragement.

Aug 26, 2009.