2004 Ford F-150

Engine Mechanical problem
2004 Ford F150 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 32000 miles

I have horror stories about changing spark plugs in the 5.4 triton, that they break off in the head. Some people have told me it is the carbon that builds up on the bottom of the spark plug that makes it break. If so is there any treatment that could be used to loosen the carbon or what causes it. Or is there some other cause. How do I go about changing the plugs

updated 2-18-09
You have to remove the coil before you remove the spark plugs in all, about a two hour job.
I have been told the engine would cool off during that time wouldn't it
February 5, 2009.

What I suggest is starting the vehicle and letting it get hot, then break the spark plugs loose, then tighten them back up and let the vehicle cool a bit. Then you hsould be able to loosen them right up and replace them without breaking them off.

If youi break them off get back to me an I can help you get them out.

Feb 15, 2009.
Do one at a time. Nothing wrong with doing that, also use penetrating oil. If you cant get to it fast enough then you will have to be soaking them with penetrating oil.

I have yet to have one break off on me when using penetrating oil or heating up the engine.

Feb 22, 2009.