1991 Ford Explorer

Brakes problem
1991 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 163000 miles

I have replaced the front brake pads/rotors/caliper multiple times after less than 5K miles. I even took the vehicle to a mechanic who stated that the problem was being caused by a " gunked" up RABS valve which I had him replaced along with the rear shoes and drums turned, only to have the brakes wear out again. In less than 2K miles and no visable wear on the rear brakes. What else could be causing this? This also seems to be evident on a 1990 Ford Ranger with the same setup.
October 14, 2008.

Check the brake line the flexable one going to the front brakes they may be cloged or turned and couseing a clog and not letting the brake fluid go back to resivor to release the brakes all the way

Oct 14, 2008.