2004 Ford Expedition

Air Conditioning problem
2004 Ford Expedition V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 75000 miles

AC was blowing fuse so I had a new compressor put on it. It worked for 5 days and quit again. Didn't blow a fuse this time, and it is full of gas. Any ideas on what could be wrong with it?
July 19, 2010.

Was the clutch replaced with the new compressor? Are you getting power to the clutch? Does the compressor cycle on and off at all?

The compressor isn't engaging at all. I am being told the clutch was replaced with the new compressor, said it was a " complete" compressor. I do not know if the clutch is getting power, how can I tell?

Jul 20, 2010.
The clutch is usually part of the new compressor, so chances are they are being honest. To check for power, there is a single wire that runs to the compressor clutch. Use a test light or amp gauge to see if there is power to it.

NOTE: Please be careful near the pullies and belt.

Let me know what you find.

Compressor contunies to blow fuses. I had the Clutch Coil replaced and it worked for about 5 minutes and blew the fuse. The Fuse Buddy shows its only pulling 3.7 amps but its blowing 15 and 20 amp fuses. Now I am told there must be a naked wire between the compressor and fuse box and when I am driving its causing it to touch metal or another wire causing the fuse to blow. I have gotten the climate control wiring diagram from the dealer, and they gave me a pinpoint test printout. However the pinpoint test tells me nothing because I don't have a scan tool. I am told by the parts store it could be a relay, but I cant find an ac compressor or AC clutch relay. Other than a short in the wiring, any other suggestions?

Aug 6, 2010.
The relay wouldn't cause the fuse to blow. You have to have a short to the compressor.