1998 Ford Contour

I have a 1998 ford contour. The vehicle starts and stutters while the vehicle is on. If I press the brake repeatedly the car tries to stall and if I drive the car down the road the car bogs down and smokes just a little and the temp on the car raises to past normal and near the red where it is HOT. I had a frind who new a mechanic to look at it and he cleaned the injectors and checked the spark plugs and returned the vehicle and as I drove it down the road I noticed no change and the car is still not working properly.
April 25, 2007.

Did you say " had" a freind?

Have the codes checked for starters, don't fool around waiting or your liable to cook the engine. IMHO.

I " think" you may have 2 separate problems. I have seen of these with a cracked vacuum tube that runs from the brake booster and down tha firewall.

But until we have some codes, it's just acemdemic.