2005 Dodge Ram

Transmission problem
2005 Dodge Ram V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 127000 miles

In the morning and some times during the day when I start the truck up and shift into reverse it will not shift into gear. The engine will rev up and then it will slowly shift. Does not slip in any other gear and after the first time it seems fine. I have changed the oil three times but not in the last 40,000 miles. What do I need to do?
August 16, 2010.

Have any warning lights come on? Also, does this ever happen when shifting into drive?

I have changed the fluid and filter and for a day it seem to be OK. Now it will go into reverse great but drive have the problem. It will not go into overdrive at all. When I stop fast at a red light. The truck will die. In stop and go traffic it seems oOK. I have now the check engine light on with a P0700 code. Some times when I take off it revs up high and slowly goes into gear. Before it never did this in drive.

Aug 18, 2010.
The code refers to the transmission control system issue. Have the trans control module (TCM) tested.