Dodge Durango

I have a 1998 Dodge Durango V8 Magnum SLT 4x4
w/ 145105 miles. I smell antifreeze in the passenger cab and the engine does heat quickly. There is no leak but there was smoke coming inside the car through the vents. When I turn the a/c on it shoots hot air and also smells of antifreeze. I read the other Dodge Durango questions and see that it may possible be the heater core. I would like to buy the part first and then have a mechanic install. Which heater core make would fit my truck and approx how much should it cost to install to know if I am being over charged? I would install myself but have very little repair experience.
Thank you very much for any assistance
August 1, 2007.

I would use either a factory heater core or a Modine. The labor guide calls for about 5.2 hours of labor, find out how much the shop charges per hour and go from there

Aug 1, 2007.
You have to understand that a shop markes up the parts, and has to to stay in business. You wouldn't go to the ice cream shop and bring your own Ice cream would you? Plan on a 100% markup in addition to the labor and fluids.

Alos understnad getting a heater core job from the techs perspective is like getting dealt the queen of spades. It is a miserable job and no one wants it.