2000 Honda Accord • 288,000 miles

I have a 2000 Honda Accord with 2.2 vtec engine (f23a1). A couple days ago, my clutch started getting stuck to the floor. I can still shift between gears if I hold it in Neutral and pop the clutch back up with my foot. It does it the worst in 1st to 2nd and in reverse. And sometimes at a stop light (if I dont put it in neutral), it seems as if the clutch is not fully disengaged. It feels as if there is a bubble in the line, but I have bled the system entirely 2 times now. Both with help from a friend and using gravity alone. The fluid is extra clean now. Lol. Anyway, would this be a problem with the slave cylinder or the master cylinder? And how would I know which to replace? There is no fluid leaking from either components. Please help me.
May 3, 2013.

First check manually without the slave/master your release bearignmay be worn and sticking to the clutch arm. See if the slave works smoothly with out clutch if it does then it's a clutch problem

May 3, 2013.