1993 Honda Accord

Transmission problem
1993 Honda Accord 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 360000 miles

My clutch went the other day meaning I put it to the floor and wouldn't go into any gear is was snapping to the floor and sticking down, so I was looking at the master clutch cylinder seeing it was leaking down the inside firewall so I figured this the problem and replaced it today. Got the new unit back in still snaps to the floor and when I pumped the clutch by hand to bleed it I get no pressure and I got no fluid to the bleeder on the slave cylinder. So I cracked open the inlet pipe on the Slave cylinder and I get fluid there when I pump so I close that back up and try again at the bleeder and I get nothing still does this mean the slave cylinder is bad or is there another problem. Thank you for the help
August 9, 2010.

Replace the clutch slave/servo

Aug 9, 2010.
This will cause the clutch to snap and stick down if the slave is bad which I was pretty sure. Thank you for the help

Aug 9, 2010.