1998 Acura Integra

Engine Performance problem
1998 Acura Integra 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 135000 miles

It's a very mild idle, just a noticeable vibration when idling, she drives smooth as can be though. I especially notice it on the shifter knob.

Timing belt and water pump have been changed recently.

Noticed a little bit of oil (not heavy at all, it seemed thick almost) on the threads of the sparkplugs on cylinder three and four. Car does not appear to be leaking any oil though. No check engine light either.
October 17, 2010.

Hi ravnistic,

Thank you for the donation.

What is the idling speed?
Have you tried adjusting the idling speed?
Does the idling speed drop when A/C is turned ON?
Is your engine with V-TEC?

The oil in the plug tubes are from leaks through the plug seals on the valve cover. Were they replaced when the timing belt was replaced? What about the valve cover gasket and bushes?

Oct 18, 2010.
She idles right at 1400, non vtec, have not adjusted the idle, how does one do that?

Oct 18, 2010.
After warming up, the idling speed should be between 650 to 750 rpm.

Idling speed is adjustable by turning the idle adjust screw at top of throttle body.

Oct 18, 2010.