Fuel Injector Replacement

Step by step guide on how to replace an automotive engine fuel injector, the application will vary, but will still be relevant to most fuel injected vehicles.

Difficulty Scale: 4 of 10

Begin by parking the vehicle on level ground, engine off, with the parking brake set. Also, gas will be present, please wear protective gloves, clothing and eye wear for safety.

Step 1 - Identify the fuel injector to be replaced, injectors are subject to leakage and operational failures. If there is uncertainty on which fuel injector has failed, a fuel injector test must be performed.

Fuel Injector

Step 2 - Begin by removing the electrical connector from the fuel injector, some connectors have a safety clip that needs to be released as well.

Remove Electrical Connector

Step 3 - Then, remove the mounting bolts located on each comer of the fuel rail, these locations can vary. This will enable the fuel rail to be loosened and allow the fuel injector to be removed.

Remove Fuel Rail Hold Down Bolts

Step 4 - Once the bolts have been removed, proceed in gently lifting the fuel rail from the intake manifold, this will pop the rail loose allowing the fuel injector to be removed from the intake manifold. (Note: Occasionally it will be necessary to remove the fuel supply and return lines from the fuel rail, its best to leave these connected to avoid fuel contamination when possible.)

Lift Up On Fuel Rail

Step 5 - After the fuel rail has been loosened, apply pressure downward to the fuel injector from the rail, this will pop the injector from the O ring seal located on either end of the injector. (Note: Some injectors are held in by a retainer clip that must be removed.)

Remove Fuel Injector


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Article first published (Updated 2015-01-08)